Why You Should NEVER Trust a Land Seller

We’ve all had great ideas about building our own home. What we don’t realise is just how time consuming and stressful it really is. Will builders cooperate? Will they get it right? What does a perfect kitchentop look like? One thing we forget to consider is the land you’re building your house in.

No I’m not talking about the area. You probably have a good idea of where you want your dream house – by the beach, in a nice suburb, in the wops. While you may have considered the area, you probably haven’t considered the land itself.

There are a few nightmare stories of people’s houses eventually caving in on them. Or backyards turning into swamps because the ground is on an old lake.

Don’t buy land off a land seller


Land sellers are salesmen really. They’re in the business of buying land, diving it and making a markup. The easiest way for a land seller to make a markup is to take cheap land (often overgrown or swamp like) and develop it. This involves taking away trees and filling any holes. Basically crossing your t’s and dotting your i’s.

If you buy a piece of land, you are under no obligation to test it. So when the builder comes to your property to start on your new home, they may test the land and tell you it’s not safe to build a home – if they’re a good builder.

Here’s a much safer option


House and land packages are a much safer alternative. Why? Well quite simply it is within the builder’s best interest to give you a sturdy piece of land and a fantastic house. Anything otherwise would be a poor reflection on their company.

Builders are in the reputations business – especially master builders. Their homes and their craft is a statement of their expertise and a reflection of their brand. Land owners? They’re less of a brand as people wouldn’t do as big of a background check on land owners as they would builders as not many people consider issues from land sellers.

House and land packages are also quite cheap – especially when compared to average house prices. Take for example  Hamilton houses. These range from $400,000-$550,000 for entry level houses. Some packages on Urban Home, a Hamilton land and house packages specialist, costs only $589,000. A small price for a trustworthy, brand new home!

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