What a “House of the Year” Award Home Looks like Inside

You’ve seen the stunning hedges and impressive brickwork of houses of the year. But have you ever wanted to step into a judges shoes and walk inside a house of the year? Here’s what a gold category house in upmarket St Kilda looks like. This beauty was built by Urban Homes and won the Local Category 2016 award and the Gold award 2016.

But first, here’s what contains the beauty


This house calls upon both New Zealand and European design elements. Brick and wood are blended together to give the home a modern edge. Even the chimney isn’t your plain old chimney. With such a carefully crafted design, you can’t help but be curious about what lies underneath.

Let me tell you now – country design elements are woven inside. Three living spaces are spread out among the generous space offered. It’s kind of the rustic escape city dwellers dream of. Now let’s take a peak:


The kitchen is a Pinterest dream. Hanging lights, matte black, marble countertop and illuminated counters. You can really tell the attention to detail paid to this house!

Living areas

Just like the exterior, wood and brick marry in the living areas with lino floors and brick accents on walls. One of the most visually appealing features is the TV mounted in brick. I don’t know about you, but I’ve never seen that before!


Once again the bedroom reflects the exterior of the house. Everything is  so sharp and clean cut it’s almost edgy. The hanging lights look just as urban as they do in the kitchen. Just be careful not to bang your head on the headrest!


The whole design oozes class and modernity. Once again a consistent design is used throughout the bathroom.

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