Unregistered electrical worker convicted and fined

In yet another incident of unauthorised electrical work being done, the New Plymouth district court has convicted and fined Mark Pierson, an employee of a home ventilation business in Taranaki, who carried out electrical work without being a registered electrician. 

He uninstalled and installed a home ventilation system at a rental property in Stratford in 2017. 

The issue came to light when the resident of the property called us Pierson for the system to be moved in another property and he did not provide a Certificate of Compliance and Electrical Safety for the work done. 

Following Pierson’s work, it was also found that the uninstallation was not done properly, leaving some cables disconnected in the Stratford property. 

Pierson was then subjected to an internal investigation by his employer and later to legal proceedings and a conviction. 

Source: https://www.stuff.co.nz/

There have been various such instances of unauthorised electrical work being done in New Zealand over the last year. If you are getting an electrician to work on your property, make sure to ask for proper documentation needed to ensure that they are registered electricians, and have the proper skills and technical know-how to get the job done. 

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