Top 10 Inspirational Bathrooms You Will Love in Your House and Land Package

If you have purchased a house and land package, or are thinking about it, here are ten beautiful bathrooms and en suites to inspire you. 

House and land packages frequently come with suggested house plans included. However, every opportunity exists to bring your own preferences to the final creation.

Talk to your builder and ask them to help you design and build your own unique masterpiece. Include aspects of your personal or family history in the design. Reveal your personality and preferences. Are you a warm person? Or do you prefer cool tones. 

Let your imagination soar as you create a bathroom you love to spend time in.

St Kilda, Cambridge

Diffused light bringing a soft glow onto large and small tiles in a his and hers shower.

Bathroom in St Kilda, Cambridge


St Kilda, Cambridge

Earthy tones in large tiles reminiscent of a quarry, with horizontal tiling bringing the subtle suggestions of native bush surrounds.

Bathroom in Urban Homes House and Land Package



Hot water plunging into an overflowing bath while nature peaks through the blinds. 

Bathroom from Serrano House plan



Stone and tile combine to create a dark mystery, perfect for alone time.

Fusion bathroom


Awatea Dr, Whitianga

Just a peak of wild flowers and warm light offset by the warmth of native timbers.

Bathroom at Awatea Drive



Cool tones and bright white create a pristine environment where everything is as it should be..

Tamahere bathroom


A Country Bath

Dark walls offset by natural light and warm timber.

Bathroom in nature


Wonderful in White

Classic white tiles merge with the deep, deep bath for submersive luxury.

Tall windows


Tamahere Prodigal

Formidable black barriers lead into a secretive space.

Tamahere bath


Copper and Rain

Limestone meets copper with the promise of rain from above.

Copper and rain

Inspirational Foundations

A house and land package provides an amazing foundation for you to build on. Don’t feel restricted by it. Instead, be inspired by these examples of what other people have done to achieve their unique masterpiece. 



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