Are These New Zealand’s Ugliest Buildings?

Architects, designers and anyone who doesn’t want eyesores, shield your eyes. The New Zealand population have spoken and agreed these are some of the ugliest famous buildings from around the country. Flick through the gallery and choose for yourself which one decides the title of ugliest building in NZ. You might even see a building […]

Christchurch Recycled Brick Home Takes Rubble to Ritz [Photos]

When the Christchurch earthquake hit in 2011, it left mass destruction. It also left more bricks than the city Government could deal with! Christchurch has been long known for it’s rustic and antique buildings, built with bricks in rich hues. So what happened to all these bricks, you may ask? A little bit of good ol’ kiwi […]

How to Get ANY Company (or client) to Hire You

Are you still submitting countless CVs to faceless organizations only to hear back from a sorry few? Have you gotten on first-name basis with your local post office for all the applications you sent through the mail? Or let’s say you’re already employed and are looking for new clients. Maybe you think your strategy is […]