Spoiler: The Block Loses it’s Best Builder From This Unbelievable Blunder

Spoiler alert: This artcile contains spoilers for future episodes of The Block NZ. You have been warned.

The Block NZ has lost it’s best builder as Scotsman Martin Laidlaw was forced to leave the country. Laidlaw needed to quit midway through filming the TV3 reality show as his work visa had expired.

Despite the intense rivalry between competitors, fellow contestants have been devastated that Laidlaw will not be returning to the Sandringham building site. Hayden Campbell, a contestant who worked closely with Laidlaw, was particularly disappointed by the turn of events:

“Marty has been the best builder on The Block for the last couple of seasons now, which is why we got him on board. We’ve pretty much just been told he wouldn’t be coming to work, which is a shame, especially because it’s the last week. He just proved again this year that he’s probably one of the better builders in the country”.

He further told Stuff.co.nz, “He’s a huge influence on the boys,” said a visibly disappointed Campbell. “His work ethic was phenomenal. He would never take breaks, we’d have to force him to take a break, because he was working so hard. We wouldn’t have been able to do anything we’ve done this year without him”.

It’s not just competitors ho are disappointed by Laidlaw’s departure. Qualified Building Solutions Limited, Laidlaw’s employers, had this to say:

“Immigration has declined Martin John Laidlaw work visa, and this is why – despite sending a huge letter explaining why he has worked for us for 2 years, is a foreman for us, trains the young kiwi builders that work for us, is a very important employee & should be given a visa they told me because I did not FIRE him and attempt to hire a KIWI builder to fill his position or enquire with WINZ and the ministry of social development, that I have not made efforts to employ a KIWI into his position.”

Qualified Business Solutions LTD also commented about New Zealand’s current lack of qualified tradies. New Zealand has a lack of qualified building apprentices, yet New Zealand is happy to deport the trainers. If New Zealand truly wants to improve their construction market, doesn’t it make sense to keep our qualified, yet not locally born, trainers? What do you think about this controversial issue?

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