Metal wall cladding makes your home look even OLDER

So you’ve found the perfect house. The kitchen was recently renovated. The yard is the right size for the kids to kick a ball in. Everything is in mint condition. There’s just one small thing you can’t seem to get past – the ugly exterior.

Red bricks aren’t for everyone. Creme wood isn’t for everyone either. Thankfully something called wall cladding exists. This changes the appearance of the outside of your house to make it seem like it was built using a different material.

A new trend in wall cladding has recently popped up. Once you learn about it, you will start to notice it everywhere. This trend makes your typical wood or brick house seem outdated. Businesses and commercial offices are even beginning to jump on this new trend.

Introducing metal wall cladding


Metal wall cladding is incredibly versatile. It can look sleek…

Picture from Floors + Surfaces
Picture from Floors + Surfaces


Picture by Pac West Roofing
Picture by Pac West Roofing

Or cutting-edge modern…

Picture by MCS
Picture by MCS

It’s easy to see how such a versatile style has taken the design world by storm! Businesses love it for the sharp and professional feeling it gives. Who wouldn’t trust a rich looking business with their money? Home owners love it because of the multitude of ways they can style it.

There’s more than meets the eye


Metal wall cladding doesn’t just look good – it’s also incredibly functional. This cladding is the most weatherproof cladding on the market. If your home is old and has been subject to poor weather over the seasons, consider metal wall cladding. However keep in mind that metal wall cladding should not be fixed over cavities in walls as bracing. Don’t conceal the problem – fix it.

Cheap as (wood) chips

wood vs metal wall cladding

When I realised how great metal cladding could be for my house, I was a bit concerned about the price. Okay, very concerned! Those large metal pieces look so luxurious, so decadent, so… expensive. In the end, metal wall cladding ends out cheaper than your traditional wood cladding! Hamilton roofing specialists Mid-Roofing say,

“[Metal wall cladding]… is a much cost effective solution to the traditional wood cladding layouts.”


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