Kiwi’s Anticipate Another Fan Shortage this Summer

Do you remember the 2016 fan shortage? Sticky kiwis could be found all over the country as almost every retailer reported selling out on electric fans. Retailers were saying they needed to order three times their usual stock.

Fans that would normally be seldom touched by customers were selling out – including fans as expensive as $600. Kiwi’s who needed to fork out so much for a fan haven’t forgotten as many retailers claim up to half their fans have already been sold – despite only beginning to sell fans within the last few weeks.

Even more relentless are the multitude of kiwis who didn’t get the chance to buy a fan last year. If your home doesn’t have great airflow, you know how important a decent fan is.

If you want to buy a fan, now is the time. But is a fan really your best option? There are two main reasons people want to buy fans:

  1. They’re cheaper to buy
  2. They’re easy to buy

Fans may be cheaper to run then your typical heat pump – 50 watts vs 2000 watts. However they’re definitely not as easy as getting an a/c unit installed now. A/C units also don’t make that awful clicking noise that fans make.

If you’re after Timaru heat pumps check out Cool Air’s range.

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