How much does alarm monitoring cost in New Zealand?

What is alarm monitoring?

Alarm monitoring is signal communication between your home security system and your alarm monitoring provider’s control centre. The control panel of your alarm system registers an emergency event and sends a signal to the central monitoring station.

How does alarm monitoring work?

Typically, when your security alarm goes off, the response team at your alarm monitoring provider’s centre will respond by actioning your preferred emergency response plan. This can be by calling you, sending a patrol guard and or emergency services.

Alarm monitoring can be used for burglary and intrusion, but also smoke and fire detection and emergency/panic alerts too.

Is alarm monitoring necessary?

While an alarm system protects your home, family or business, having alarm monitoring for your security system can provide peace of mind and keep your property safe 24/7, even when you are away traveling. An added advantage to alarm monitoring is low insurance premium costs – if your property is at a lower risk of a break-in, the lower you pay for your insurance.

How much does alarm monitoring cost?

Many security companies in New Zealand offer alarm monitoring services. However, choosing the right company is always hard given the plethora of options out there. So, to make things easier we’ve put together a list of alarm monitoring providers and how much they charge for it.


Chubb is a leading security provider with presence across New Zealand. They offer modern and reliable home security systems and commercial systems. Additionally, they provide 24/7 alarm monitoring for security systems.  

Chubb have 3 different options for alarm monitoring. The Chubb HomeWatch costs $34.50* including GST per month. The Chubb BusinessWatch $36.80* including GST per month and the System Service and Connection (1-16 zones) costs $113.85 including GST.

These prices based on a 48-month monitoring contract term for Chubb HomeWatch and 36-month monitoring contract term for Chubb BusinessWatch. For commercial customers with more than 16 Zones, there is an increased charge for the System Service and Connection.

For more information, explore Chubb’s alarm monitoring services.

ADT Security

ADT Security are also present nationwide with a call centre in New Zealand. They offer fast alarm responses, intruder detection, movement detection, fire and smoke, remote activation and pet sensitive detection.

The company offers three packages, which are ADT Standard, ADT Automated, and ADT Automated with video monitoring.

The ADT standard starts at $299 and offers all the above features except for home automation and video monitoring. The ADT Automated package starts at $399 and does not include video monitoring. The ADT Automated with video monitoring will cost you about $499. All packages are subject to an installed ADT security system.

These are only cost estimates from the ADT website. If you want an exact quote, you should get in touch with the ADT team for more information.

IQ Security

IQ Security’s alarm monitoring is available to shops, retail stores, nationwide business or office environments. They also offer optional daily email logs and virtual monitoring of your premises via remote connection to your surveillance camera system.

The IQ Platinum Monitoring Plan includes alarm activation alerts via txt or phone call, alarm activation alerts tracked in database for alarm history, checks that alarm is armed and disarmed against agreed schedule and patrol dispatches if required. The plan starts from $49 per month*.

For more specific details about their plan, please contact IQ Security directly.

Matrix Security

Matrix Security’s monitoring services are also available nationwide for $38 plus GST per month.

The company offers a free home security assessment and service plan, 24/7 assistance and response via a call-centre and alarm monitoring – via IP, mobile data networks or copper phone lines.

You can contact Matrix Security for their monitoring services here.

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