How an Access Control System Can Benefit Your New Zealand Business

access control system

Security has become a growing concern for businesses across the world and New Zealand is no exception to it.

Businesses are investing time and effort into protecting their property, equipment, and employees with advanced security systems.


What is Access Control?

While small businesses may use lock and key to control access to their building, it is not enough to fully protect your business from mishaps. Locks can be tampered with, and copies of keys can be made to name a few disadvantages.

Access control systems on the other hand are advanced security systems that help you effectively manage controlled access in and out of your business area, and also provides transparency and accountability.


Here is why you should invest in an access control system


Prevent thefts

Thefts are quite common in New Zealand, and as a business, you want to protect important documents, and equipment that you have invested in.

Using electronic locks that can be accessed with key fobs or proximity readers can help control access into the building, and it also enables you to control access within the building into specific areas or rooms that have confidential information. This gives you additional security and most importantly peace of mind.

Access control system are specifically designed to protect buildings from thefts.


Employee safety

As an employer, you want to make sure that your employees always feel safe at the workplace. Using access control, you can protect your employees from mishaps and unauthorised persons entering the building.

If you have machinery rooms, or other dangerous zones, you can ensure that only trained personnel are able to enter those areas, thus protecting your workforce.



While you can limit access to certain danger zones, you can also use access control to give employees access to different departments that they may need to access as part of their job. Having multi-access gives your employees ease of access to move around the building and get their job done.  



Getting your employees to use swipe cards while entering and leaving the office can help create accountability. These swipe cards can also be used as ID cards by employees.

Additionally, you can also monitor movement in different areas of the building.


Easy to use

Having an access control system streamlines the access process into and out of your building. With the help of your access control installer, you can get it personalised to suit your business requirements.



Since your access control system is completely automated, you don’t need someone to physical man the building or certain areas of the building. This saves costs and time for your business.


Prevent Data breaches

Using access control key cards, you can decide which computers can and cannot be accessed by employees. This helps manage your database efficiently. It also helps keep outsiders from accessing confidential information.


Staying in charge

Access control systems have proven to be an effective way to manage security, productivity and safety. With access control systems, you know the exact time of day that employees and visitors have entered and exited the building. This is especially helpful in cases of disputes, potential issues, or data breaches.

In the event of an emergency situation, access control systems can also make a lock-down easier to handle and restrict movement throughout the building.


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