Goldstar Heat Pumps Launches a New Website

It only seems suiting that the #1 Fujitsu dealer in New Zealand has an impressive website. So Goldstar Heat Pumps vamped up their site with a design hotter than any large capacity heat pump could muster. Here’s the scoop:

Five gold stars for the new homepage


What an improvement right? The gold gradient of the old homepage looked nice but it lost the eye a bit. And any tradie knows how easy it is to lose busy clients concentration. With the new design, clients know exactly where to look and where to get information.

Finding deals is as easy as turning on your new heat pump

Tradies listen up: it isn’t the dark ages anymore. Consumers no longer go “deal hunting.” Instead, if you’ve got a great deal for your clients, flaunt it! Advertise it everywhere and anywhere. Make it easy to spot amongst a crowd of other offers. Just like Goldstar Heat Pumps has done:


Location is key

Let’s not waste anyone’s time here. Potential customers need to know where you are. Have you ever thought you found the perfect tradesperson, got ready to dial their number only to realize they live over two hours away from you? This happens too often.

Because of this, any decent tradie website clearly shows where they are located. Just like Goldstar Heat Pumps, who demonstrate their locations clearly in it’s own tab. No mistakes can be made here!

Apart from owning an amazing website, Goldstar heat pumps do a few other things, like air conditioning and heat pumps in Auckland, Hamilton and Tauranga.

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