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Every day, hundreds of New Zealanders like you move house or business premises across Waikato, to Waikato or away from Waikato. Too many of them find the process time-consuming, stressful and expensive. That’s because too few of them choose Fragile Removals.

Research finds that moving house is perhaps the most stressful routine event in many people’s lives. You have to keep working and living, but at the same time you’re also upending your home and abandoning all your normal routines. The kids have to resettle at new schools. You get lost in new backstreets. Your valued possessions is all in boxes. You can’t find anything you need. The mental, physical and emotional drain is huge.

What if Waikato had a house removals expert that was not only efficient, but eased you through the transition as well? What if your movers understood and respected that your possessions are a unique set of personal items that are a major part of your life?

At Fragile Removals, our team knows no two families have the same set of household appliances, personal items and sentimental objects. No standard removals package deal can encapsulate your individual collection of possessions.

From the muscle and logistics to shift large and awkward items, like pianos and pool tables, to the careful handling required to pack the irreplaceable delicacy of your grandma’s antique tea set, Fragile Removals understands that you’ll always worry that your removalist just sees your worldly possessions as just so many heavy things and cardboard boxes to take from A to B.

We take pains to assure you that we understand that the safety of your belongings is important to us too. Getting it to point B efficiently and without damage is the bare minimum of removals. We go far beyond.

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