Arborlab Limited

Arborlab is New Zealand’s leading Green Space asset management specialists since our establishment in 2002. We are committed to creating and advancing the sustainable development of our cities’ green open spaces to build a brighter future.

We are committed to caring for our unique environment and people. Click here to view our local Arboricultural Evaluation Auckland, Through innovation, experience, and specialist technology, we strive to develop and support positive change management for the future of sustainable green open spaces in New Zealand.

At Arborlab, every team member has their own unique set of skills. Collaboration is key – our people work together seamlessly to support each other and learn from one another. Not only that, they’re adaptable and think outside the square, developing solutions others may miss. As a client, this means you can tap into a rich skill-set built on years of experience.

No matter how complex the environment and whatever challenges you face, our scientific expertise and insight-led philosophy means we are committed to delivering services that enable growth and financial return.

Our experience, backed by proven processes and technology, enables us to be a voice of reason, and to remain honest and transparent. You can rely on Arborlab to offer critical point of view and deliver a cost-effective, flawless project execution, Arborists Report Auckland.

We are a nationwide team of specialists committed to the utilisation of proven processes and the latest technology. The result is a wide range of consultancy products and services, enabling strong growth and financial returns for our partners and stakeholders.

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