Different Types of Broadband Connections for Rural Residents

These days, there are several options available when it comes to getting a broadband internet connection, even if you live in a rural area. If you live outside major city centers, you can get rural broadband and rural wireless internet. With there being more than one broadband option, which one do you choose? We’re going to go over what broadband connections are the best if you live in the more rural parts of New Zealand.



This is the oldest form of rural broadband available. Internet comes to your home through traditional copper phone lines. Unfortunately, the further away you live from the phone company, the slower the connection becomes. While it is somewhat affordable compared with other options, it is the slowest type of broadband.



A significant benefit of satellite broadband is that you can be anywhere and still get an internet signal. You don’t even need to live near power lines to get it. All you need is a satellite dish that can make a connection with an internet satellite orbiting Earth. However, you need a clear view of the Southern sky and also won’t be able to use this option if you live in an apartment.


Fixed Wireless Broadband

This broadband option provides internet using radio waves sent from a wireless base station. You simply install a receiver in your home and plug in a cable from it into your router. This is a great option to get rural wireless internet when other rural broadband options, like DSL are either too slow or expensive.


Wrapping Up

When living outside of cities, your options for broadband are limited. You will generally not have access to high-speed options like fiber and cable. However, these three options are better than not having rural broadband at all. Fixed wireless internet is quickly becoming the preferred choice for rural residents. If you want to get high-speed internet for a reasonable price, you can now do so.


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