DAMEL Place Dogs in the Lap of Luxury!

There’s nothing like coming home to a warm and cosy living room after a hard day’s work – and dogs are no exception.

They don’t complain much, so you might not know, but dogs appreciate the comforts of home just as much as we do.

So, when it was time for an upgrade, this Wairoa farmer contacted DAMEL in Turangi. DAMEL custom-manufacture kennels, as well as single axle and tandem trailers.

Old dog kennels

As you can see, the dogs were in for a treat.

DAMEL Custommanufactured dog kennel and runs

These kennels are fully insulated so they stay warm and dry, which is great for the dog’s energy levels and well as preventing stiffness and even arthritis. They have a large sleeping area and are super easy to clean.

They can even come with bowl platforms to prevent spillage, and automatic water dispensers so that the dogs can drink fresh, clean water whenever they want to.

And of course, being galvanised they will last forever.

Needless to say the dogs were pretty happy with the upgrade!

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