Buying An Older Home in Wellington? Expect These Plumbing Problems

Wellington has a wealth of quirky old homes that make for enchanting ‘doer uppers’. When shopping for a home, it’ll be a very rare instance in which you actually manage to find a new build anywhere in the vicinity of the CBD. An old home can be a charmer on the outside, but it takes a seasoned Wellington plumber to know that appearances can be deceptive…especially when it comes to buildings.

Beneath the quaint wooden floors and freshly-painted walls lies a world unseen. Unseen, that is, until you’re calling up your local Wellington plumber with a plumbing emergency! Old drains and pipework lay weakened and worn, ready to ‘strike’ as it were at any time. Be it a slow drip in the wall or a full-on flood, we’re here to tell you what to expect to avoid Wellington plumbing emergencies in your ‘new’ old Wellington home! ​

Problematic Pipework

Many older Wellington homes have galvanized piping installed throughout them. As your galvanized Wellington plumbing and drainage system corrodes in this way, your pipes will be exposed and generally filled with sediment that blocks water flow and you can expect quite a few problems like slow water pressure, stuck faucets, and more. 

Earthquakes shake things up

It’s no secret that Wellington can shake and shimmy when tectonic plates start colliding. Earthquakes can cause some serious drama for your drains, and leave your pipework permanently damaged. Other than having no control over this naturally occurring problem, we also don’t end up seeing the after affects of earthquake damage until it’s too late.

What should I do if I’ve found an old home that might have plumbing problems?

Read the full article here on how to handle your plumbing in Wellington if you are buying an older home. 

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