5 Reasons Why Security Cameras Are Important for Home Security

When it comes to security systems NZ has a great local selection of security cameras to choose from, helping protect your property from theft and criminals.


While New Zealand is a relatively safe place, there are still over 100,000 reported thefts per year. With surveillance technology having advanced significantly in recent years, it has become more affordable than ever to have a home security system. When it comes to security systems NZ has a great local selection of security cameras to choose from, helping protect your property from theft and criminals. There are several reasons why security cameras are important for home security. Here are the most important facts to consider:

They Help Deter and Identify Criminals

Thieves are not looking forward to their crimes being filmed. That means they are more likely to avoid trespassing on properties that have security cameras installed. Video evidence is something that holds up very well in court, making home security systems even more of a deterrent to would-be criminals.

They Lower Your Insurance Rates and Support Claims

Your home insurance company is likely to offer you discounted rates if you have security cameras installed on your property. You may find that the cost of purchasing a home security system goes down a considerable amount over time. Additionally, if there ever is a crime committed on your property, you will have video evidence that will support any insurance claim you may file.

They Increase How Safe You Feel

When it comes to the reasons why people get security systems NZ residents often mention how they feel safer with one. Since their homes are monitored around the clock, they are reassured that they are safe from any vandalism, theft, trespassing, or other criminal acts. The sense of safety is backed up by the data, which shows that a majority of criminals are immediately deterred by the sight of a security camera.

They Are Better Than Traditional Alarm Systems

Today, security cameras come equipped with motion sensors and WiFi alerts that get sent to mobile phones. You also often receive the benefit of having access to a live video stream, which can be viewed on your computer, mobile, or other electronic devices. All of these features are relatively standard today for modern security cameras and come at a fraction of the cost of the expensive alarm systems of yesteryear.

They Increase Property Value

Besides lowering insurance rates, another financial benefit of security cameras is the effect they have on the value of a home. Installing cameras on your property will set it apart from competing listings and lead to it being appraised for more. It is a small and cost-effective decision to make that will pay off in a big way.


Security cameras are quickly becoming a must-have addition to homes throughout New Zealand. You can now see just how beneficial they are to your home. When it comes to where to find the best security cameras Hamilton, NZ is where you should go. Whatever your home security budget is, you are sure to find cameras that match it.

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